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Khamis, Mac 10, 2005

A Trip to Terengganu

School holidays is just around the corner. As usuals, most engaged couples will take this opportunity to tie the knot. Not forgetting one of my closest friends, Efi. She supposed to get married this weekend, but since most of our other close friends couldnt make it, she agreed to my suggestion to postpone to a suggested date, which is on 18/3/05. How cool is that?

So, next week, we will be going to Terengganu. Bukit Payong to be precise. Wow. I havent been there since 1997. Yes, we went there, I mean, the close friends and I, went there (to Efi's house actually) during our sweet old days at Uni. Mandi manda at Air Terjun Sekayu. (God, the water is so cold and refreshing!), experienced the first taste of nasi dagang for breakfast(!), and shopping for lots of keropok lekor at Losong.

To tell you, my dear readers, my circle of close friends came from Penang (2 - Balik Pulau, Bayan Lepas), Kedah (1), Johor (1) and Terengganu (1). We managed to go to every house of theirs. Get to know their parents, siblings etc.

Well, this time, 5 of us will be getting together once again. Our last MEGA reunion was on my wedding day in Johor and that was 20 months ago. One of us, Nor, wont be there as she will having her second baby any time from now. Friends from Kedah and Johor will be coming to KL and join the rest of us, konvoi to Terengganu. Amir can meet his aunties then =)

So, do you have plans so far? Share them with me ya?


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