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Selasa, Mac 22, 2005

Moving Forward

It've been almost 6days, I havent get myself active in the blog-world. Thursday and Friday, was in Marang, Terengganu. Then went back to PD, while yesterday, I had to go to Greentown, Ipoh for a meeting. *sigh*

Well, a day before we went to Terengganu, Amir showed us his new capability - moving forward =) not crawling yet though. Mean to say, reading newspaper or watching TV is no longer easy for us. He will come towards us to read the newspaper together and somehow loves to go to the home theatre, playing with the volume. The look? Precious. Hehe. Actually the way he moves is a bit like those ulat bulu. He will push his tushy up, then continue strectching his body forward and push himself using his feet. He'll do that again and again until he reaches the destination.

Afrina & Amir during a majlis tahlil.


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