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Rabu, Mac 30, 2005

A Day after Yesterday

Yesterday, when I went to the makcik's house to pick Amir up, I managed to chit chat with her daughter abt the gegaran.

She didnt feel any, so was I and the rest of the family, excluded Amir la. What does he know anyway, right?

"Tapi, ada orang jerit2 malam tu, suruh turun. Ingatkan bergaduh ke apa. Depa jerit - turun cepat! turun cepat! Tapi kita dok mamun*, mana nak peduli sbb tak rasa apa.."
"Orang yg ada akuarium dok cite, air dia kocak sampai terkeluaq!"

Wah, was it really that bad, and we didnt feel it? I must've really really tido mati again this time. What if the building collapsed or runtuh or something like that?

"Sebab kita duduk tingkat 6 kot. tak berapa rasa. orang ataih sume dok kata depa rasa.."

Gaa, I lived at Tingkat 10. Hmmm..

Thank God there was no tsunami or whatsoever. The husband said perhaps its because it didnt happened in full moon. Yes, something to do with the graviti and such, which out of my league to write down. He knew a bit because he used to go menjaring with FIL.

Lets pray that all of us be safe. Ya Allah, kurniakan lah kami kesudahan yang baik dan dirahmati serta diredhai oleh-Mu. Amiin.

*mamun - something like mamai or not fully concious.


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