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Khamis, Mac 24, 2005

Double Celebration

First, a very happy birthday to Kris Dayanti (singer from Indo) and also to these people whom I hardly knew. Not to forget to Sis Shikin and bro Betterman who are turning 28 today, and of course, to yours truly, me =)

Yes, I am 27 today, officially at 3.24am this morning. Yeehaa! 3 years before hitting the big 3! Received an SMS from the husband at 0118hrs. He is in Penang since Tuesday. Tsk. Am I going to eat the cake alone with Amir?

Anyway, I have another news to share too. Please click here.

Yes, I'm gonna be a mother for the second time. another 3 to go to reach the same level as sis Lilian =) My current EDD is on Nov 19th, which is 2 weeks after Hari Raya Aidilfitri. If I delivered earlier like I did during my first born, then I'll be celebrating Raya in labor room. Hehehe.

p/s #1: Havent told my parents and my in-laws yet. You are among the first few people to know =)

p/s #2: Personal thanks to bro Andreas from AlwaysWOW for sending me a personal happy birthday wish via email =)


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