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Jumaat, April 01, 2005

A Long Visit

I was on emergency leave yesterday. This time, for attending my MIL who went under surgery at 8am at Hospital Seremban. Just happen to know on Wednesday night thru my SIL. She was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, and I knew abt it a day after, or 36hrs after? Reason being, because she doesnt want to let other ppl know. Not her sons & daughters. Not even neighbours. Her mom knew almost just in time like I did.

"Actually, Ika baru je nak call akak. But since you did first, well.. "

We left Amir to the makcik because we plan to be there for the whole day. MIL came out from operation room few minutes past 12. She was semi concious after recovery. FIL, Mak Teh, Pak Teh, BIL and us were there, waiting.

After the nurses sent her to the ward, then only we managed to be with her, privately. I took the chance to sit beside her, and I kept holding her hand.

"Amir mana?"
"Amir tinggal. Tak dapat la nak bawak mak. Kadang-kadang wad tak kasik baby masuk."

Silent. This time, somehow, I managed to ask a question, a stupid question I must say. Just because I felt sad since she used to tell me a lot, almost everything. She told us abt this op earlier which she wanted to postponed it. But now? She didnt tell us abt changing her mind, at all.

"Kenapa mak tak bagitau?"
With her serak2 voice, she tried to answer. "Mak tak dapat.."
Then her eyes bergenang.
Damn. why should I ask such a question at this time? Couldnt I think something more appropriate?

Then she held my hand so tight. I replied back. She seemed so weak, so I let her rest and sleep. We attended her till 2.15pm when the husband and I kena halau by the guard. We had our lunch then perform our prayer at Masjid Negeri. Went to the hospital again to wait for another visiting hours at 4.30pm.

This time, lots of ppl came, mainly from kampung. Somehow they found out from the kampung's Imam who coincidently got warded and terserempak with my MIL when she came out from the operation room. From not telling anyone, now everyone knows. Kerja Tuhan kan..

My SIL also came after school. We had a long conversation. How she wanted to tell me earlier but MIL didnt permit. How she cried a lot these days. Being the only daughter, she must be so close with MIL.

We left after Maghrib, right after the visiting hours ended. Got to fetch Amir then. Thank God makcik sudi took care of him for extended hours. Thanks makcik!


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