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Rabu, Mac 23, 2005


Its almost 6pm. I was holding 10kg Amir in my arms and carrying his bag on my right shoulder. Arrived at the ground floor of my building, there, one lift is under renovation - the people were replacing the floor etc etc, so only one lift available for the penghuni of 16 storeys apartment.

The #1 lift came down, I got in first with Amir followed by several people, 2 women and er, 7-8 men. The last person push the close button, but the lift door was closed half way. Push again. Closed 3/4. Then it got stuck.

Wah, we are trap! 2 skinny men managed to get thru the door. 2 gentlemen were trying their best to open the door. People started to perform a crowd outside.

5minutes passed by. Nothing happen. The door still 1/4 opened. I called the husband.

"Yang, Amir and I sangkut kat dalam lif. There are several ppl inside though. And some of them are trying to make the door open. Bye."

Minutes passing by. Meantime, few gentlemen were doing their best to help from outside. At this time, Amir started to be restless. He stretching his body trying to escape me. He started to scream. Oh my god. Why now my dear?

Then, a pakcik asked, "Ada baby ke kat dalam tu?"
And the ppl inside answered in union, "Ada.. ada.."

The pakcik asked again,
"Nak saya tolong pegangkan ke kat luar ni?"

"Yes, please!" - I recognize the pakcik. So, I think I would be safe to let him hold Amir.

So, I moved forward, then I saw the husband outside. Then one of this gentleman inside the lift took Amir and pushed my dear Amir out. But Amir got stuck in the middle. The guy kept pushing Amir. Still stuck.

"Tarik balik! Tarik balik! Dia tersekat tu!"
Tersekat jugak! Macam mana ni?

At this time, I was so damn worried. What if the door closed fully all of sudden? What will happen to AMir? Will his head crush? Isk. God, please no! Only HIM knows how bad I feel that time for letting AMir out. Damn! Damn!

But, thank God. The guy managed to pull Amir back. Then, the husband took over. Reaching his hand inside to hold AMir and successfully get him out with few ppl holding the door. Sadly, the gentleman was a bit kena leter with his girlfriend. I cant understand as they were talking in chinese. I dont blame him though. At this kind of situation, anyone can hardly be calm.

Few minutes later, they managed to open the door up to 1/2. The gentlemen let the women out first. So, I climbed the stairs until the 10th floor. Wah, first 7 floor was still cool. The last three, I was panting.

p/s: Did you know? If you ever been in a free-fall lift, place your body close to the floor. That will reduce the injury, if there's any.


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