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Isnin, Mac 07, 2005

First Word

Amir knows how to call the husband "Abah" now. But it wasnt the solid "Abah" yet. Meantime, he utters "Ababababababa" and the looks is yummy! Hehehe. Can you imagine this; a goldfish, mulut kembang kuncup tu? Thats exactly how Amir looks when he said those. I was like,

"Amboi, ibu tak reti sebut ye?"

He will go Abu for ibu instead. Sabar je la.

Amir is so into his father la. Yesterday, when the husband went out for a couple of hours, Amir kept looking at the front door. When I called his name, dia buat deq* je. He will trying his best to lift his body whenever he saw the husband near. My heart bleeds (yes, he doesnt love me much, No?) I'm the one who gave birth to him. Me! Me! And I'm the one who had to feel the pain when he, urgh. bite me when he was breastfeeding. Me! Me! And now?

Deq or something like that means buat tak tau (in Malay), ignore (in English).


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