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Jumaat, Mac 04, 2005

A Night Outing

On Wednesday night, the husband brought Amir and I to The Cage, Endah Parade to watch him practise futsal with the office team. Yes, they are practising now since kena belasah pretty bad to another team previously. I was told that the other team had a pregnant lady as their goal keeper. WOW!

We really had fun together. As usual, he will go jumping and jumping excitedly. I'm the who have to bear the exhaustion. Everytime the ball came towards us, I was kinda leaning backward but Amir lepak je. His eyes simply gazing at the ball's movement. Kids, they are fearless! Guess, I can send him to take the Fear Factor challenge =)

Being there, meeting with lots of people, everyone didnt let go the chance of meeting Amir. Some of them were their first time. As they trying their best to have Amir's attention, I was waiting for one question to pop up, which almost never failed to arise.

"Kenapa dengan hidung dia?"
"Oh, birthmark tu.."
"Merah betul ye.."

Yeah. When Amir was about 3 weeks old, that thing appeared. First I thought terkena kuku but after getting few opinions, its declared as Strawberry hemangiomas. You may find another article related there. I really really hope it would be gone later.

See that?


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