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Selasa, Mac 08, 2005

Made Official

I've been busy setting up another website of mine - Now, as of 9.45pm last nite, I am officially a NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil active agent.

So, what is NUFERA? Its not a medicine. Its a food. NUFERA is a natural multi functional food for the whole family. NUFERA can be used in daily diet, beauty treatment and general health management.

Numerous scientific researches on virgin coconut oil were performed by European and American scientists dated as far back as the early 1930s.

The supremacy of coconut as a multi functional plant was further endorsed when scientific researchers discovered that virgin coconut oil have the following characteristics :

• anti virus and anti bacteria
• a strong anti oxidant
• body metabolic enhancer
• the strength of mother's milk

So, if you ever interested in the product, you are more than welcome to buy them from me. Discount will be given on bulk purchases =)

More info:
More Testimonials:

Hazel - NUFERA's next top agent =)
I cant be a model. while this one might happen =)

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