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Khamis, April 28, 2005

Langkawi Trip : Part II

My Part II is finally here. Sorry folks. Workload doesnt permit me to write these days.

Well, we went to Underwater World on Saturday evening after checking out. Morning was spent wisely at Pekan Kuah. Hehehe. Borong chocolates, while Mama bought some kain batik for her and her friends. Then sempat ke Dataran Lang to take some pictures.

Back to Underwater World, way to go there was a bit jammed since there was a Pesta Air (if I wasnt mistaken) along Pantai Cenang. All of us went in to see the collection of fresh and salt water fish. Me myself imagined the Underwater World would be a gigantic aquarium above us. But it was wrong. Hehehehe. Most of them are in form of large aquariums located side by side.

Marine lives that attract us so much were the Rock hopping penguins. Cute sangat! They were jumping, walking, and even swimming in front of us. With their thick eyelashes (can I call it that?) wah, mmg comel!

Then we managed to see a sea turtle, stingrays, sharks in the largest tank in there.

There was an anaconda (located among in the first aquariums), two memerangs (near Koi Pond), Nemo, Dory and such. Cameras are allowed, but there are some restrictions at certain tanks, ie. no camera flash. We were amazed with two big arapaima gaigas too. All of us agreed that the tank was way too small for them. They are so long, nak buat U-turn dalam aqua pun susah.

Amir was a bit scared whenever a school of fish gathered near him. Remember a scene in Finding Nemo after Nemo's father thought he was dead and was swimming away? A group of fish yang trapped in large net tu? Underwater World have them. Sebijik!

There's an ikan buntal also. Baby and Jiji susah payah tend to make the fish terkejut, as they wanted to see the fish bloats. Tapi tak dapat. In fact, ikan tu buat macam takde apa2 je. Sabar je laa.

We ended up the trip by having our photo taken to be placed on a plate. Angah yang beria nak sangat. It costs RM15.

Okay, the entrance fee is RM23 for adults. But not for long I suppose, coz there was a notice saying it was for a certain period of time only.

Anyway, car/van rental is much cheaper compared to 2 years ago. We managed to rent a Suzuki ERV, at RM150 for 2 days - which looks like Juara. Hehehehe. But we rented it because Baby insisted since ada sun roof. Muat laa all 7 of us. We stayed at Perdana Beach Resort, which is located between Langkasuka Resort and Langkawi Lagoon. The place is quit quiet. Suitable for those who wanted some room of privacy.

Okay, habis dah.. Photos will be uploaded later =)


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