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Isnin, April 04, 2005

A Birthday Party

We went to Afrina's (the girl who sat beside Amir in previous picture) birthday party yesterday. The party started at 5pm but we only managed to get there around 6.15pm :P Hujan, traffic jam and such (alasan!) As we arrived, Atie, Afrina's mother, took Amir inside and put him at the centre of a group of kids. I can see Amir was looking around, searching for familiar faces. The husband was outside, chatting with Atie's husband.

As soon as the husband sat in front of Amir, he cried. So LOUD! At first few seconds, I didnt realise it was him. The rest of the kids were looking at him. Pelik kot. Tetiba je nangis. I guess, he was "God, finally! Someone that I know is here!". So, I walked towards him, dukung and tried to calm him down. Heh, he got silent as I brought him up! Clever ya? As I put him down, he cried again. This time, the husband took turn. He was OK by then but still no smile.

Atie told me, Amir is the youngest among those kids, BUT he's the biggest in term of weight among all. Plus, dia jugak la yang nangis paling kuat. Hehehe. So, there he was, in the husband's lap. When he started painting a smile on his face, thats the sign that he is ready to be in other ppls arms or lap.

Oh, my dear little boy.

p/s: some of my friends told me, the elder will become extra manja when we are expecting his/her sibling. is it true?


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