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Rabu, April 06, 2005

Chaos Morning

The husband was away this morning to Sabah. He left around 6.10am to catch the 6.40am ERL to KLIA.

Well, morning alone with Amir was a bit chaos. Hehehe. He woke up at 7.40am. His eyes were terkebil-kebil asking for his morning feed. Then, I let him played around (read: i was waiting for him to finish stooling). After I changed him, I put him in front of TV.
"Amir duduk baik2 ok? Ibu nak mandi. Stay put!"

Heh, knowing that he wouldnt understand any of my saying, so I took a mandi-kerbau-style bath. Less than 5 minutes! And, as I opened the bathroom door, there the boy was - almost reaching the front door, near the shoe rack. Arggh!

"AMIR!! Tengok tu, baju abis kotor. Pegi main dekat situ kenapaaaaaa.. Kan ibu dah kasik mainan tadi.." There were grey spots at his clothes (stomach area) and on knees. So, I had to change him again. My mouth was so damn busy pot pet pot pet to him. But he was so quiet.

"OK la.. ibu tak marah. tp tengok ni? nanti lambat pergi umah tok.." Thank God he was smiling later on.

My, I have another morning to face without the husband around. May tomorrow be better than today.


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