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Khamis, April 07, 2005

Chaos Morning Pt II

Yeah, as expected, I had another unorganized chaos morning again. Amir still wants to go towards the front door. Every time he did that, I slap his leg, dukung him and put him in front of TV. 3 times, when finally he cried. Alaa.. kesiannya anak ibu. Not so long, but still, I felt bad.

So, after making sure that he wouldnt move anywhere, I took my mandi-kerbau-style again. As I stepped out from the bathroom, I saw him lying on his stomach, hugging his bantal peluk and closed his face with it. The bantal peluk was located a few metres from where he was sitted before. You know, bila kena marah, he will sort of mengadu to his bantal peluk. Isk. That moment really broke my heart.

So, I went to him, hugged him. "Ibu sayang Amir tau. Ibu bukan marah.." Gomol2 dia sket then he started to smile back. Ah, that smile! Priceless!

I can hardly wait for the husband to come home. Kinda missed him tho. Yesterday, when he called from Sabah, I put the hset near Amir's ear. And he smiled so wide listening the husband calling his name =))


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