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Isnin, April 11, 2005

First Tooth

Last Friday, both of us took an EL. Amir caught a fever and some coughs. At first, I thought it was because he missed his abah so much, when later we figured out that he just cut his first tooth at his lower gum. Tak la nampak sangat. We can only see tiny winy white thing.

When he fell sick, Amir will turn to be one of bising babies that we have in the world. Whenever he coughs, he will go "Aaaaa.." Merengek la tu. When we rub his chest and back, he will go so quiet. Bertuah kan?

On Saturday, we brought him back to PD to visit the in-laws. My MIL is getting far lot better. She was advised not to do chores up till certain period. My FIL was so excited to meet his grandson. Though Amir is not the one and only grandson, but since Amir knows how to manja with FIL, so I guess he already become another cucu kesayangan =) Every morning and evening that we spent there, FIL will bring Amir to go round kampung with his Honda EX5. Amir will be sitted in basket and both his little hands resting near FIL's. Kalau saja2 duduk atas motor and not moving, Amir will refused to get back to us.

Moral? Bawak jalan dulu, then we can do the rest later.

Kids nowdays, huh?


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