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Isnin, April 18, 2005

Naughty Boy

Amir is getting naughtier by day. Last time, we just need to scold him once, and he will cry. Now, membebel till 10 mins + slapping his betis, means nothing. He will stop for a while to look at you and smile then continue to what he've been doing. Sabar je la. That is much much better compare to when he fights back. You know, you slap his leg, and he will kick you back. Memang geram! Sometimes, it breaks my heart to scold him, but I think, we have to. Else he'll become so uncontrollable.

Nowdays, by developing his new skill of "mengemas", I think I have to give my parents a 2-3days notice, NOT to put their barang perhiasan on the floor anymore. You see, my mom lovessss glass flowers in glass jar. She has plenty of them which being arranged nicely under her meja konsol. That, I mean, have to be removed while we are in JB nanti.

"You really have to do that ma, else habis pecah nanti.."
And she just laughed. Well, she didnt care much, I guess. There were a few of her vase got broken by our cats before. Some of them were crystals vase. Hmm..

By the way, I'm looking forward for this coming Thursday. Amir will be having his first ride by aeroplane to Langkawi. We will be going with my parents, Angah, Jiji and Baby till Saturday. Hope everything will run smoothly. Kind of berdebar though, mana tau, kalau-kalau Amir nangis tak berhenti thru one hour flight. *Shrug*


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