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Isnin, April 25, 2005

Langkawi Trip Part I

I'm back!! Wah, cuti-cuti Malaysia was so tiring. We departed at almost 5pm, almost 40mins late from actual time - 4.10pm. Was kinda nervous tho. Managed to follow some tips given, ie. dont feed Amir with milk before boarding, gave him something to suck and such. Nevertheless, we forgot to bring something to amuse him like Sis Lilian suggested. Instead, the husband dok main bukak tutup tingkap to distract Amir's attention. When the flight started to take off, I can see Amir's face, kelakar =) Pandang kiri kanan, searching for the source of loud noises. But he was OK thru out the journey. Alhamdulillah.

On Friday morning, we tend to visit Telaga Tujuh. But after some interview done by my sister, we cancelled it. We hafta walk about 20mins, mendaki! Tak larat makcik! So, we proceed to Langkawi Cable Car. One cable car can sumbat 6 adults. My mom refused to join. "Mama gayat la. Biar mama jaga Amir.." But then, since the cable car ride is lasted for at least 40minutes, so the husband decided to bring Amir too. We were damn excited. My bro asyik amik gambar je. But as the cable car approaching to the top of Gunung Mat Chinchang, everybody was kept silent but Amir. I grabbed the husband's paha. Takut =P

"Eeee.. boleh naik ke ni?"
"Waaaaa.. takutnya tengok bawah.. Nasib baik lantai dia tak see thru.."
"Kalau laa putus tali kabel ni.."

My, lots of things wandering in our mind. Hehehe.

"Cukup laa sekali ni. Lepas ni tak nak naik lagi.." Baby said.

At last, we arrived to the top after almost 20mins jantung dup dap dup dap dengan lajunya. We are officially 709m from sea level. Yay! Abah, Ti, Jiji & Baby managed to climb up more stairs to get a better view. The husband and I just sat and walk around the station with Amir.

Then its time to go down! Another almost 20mins to bare the fear of falling. Alhamdullillah, 10mins before 11am, we managed to step our feet on the ground - safe & sound.

For those who want to feel the experience, the round-trip fare for adults is RM 15. Operating hours start at 9.30 am, but note that operation may be curtailed in extreme weather.

p/s: Pictures taken from Ours still in JB. Hehehehe.

Next post: Our trip to Underwater World =)


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