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Khamis, Jun 02, 2005

Something to be Told

Yesterday, I went for my 15weeks+ check-up. Did some scanning, and just like Rachel in Friends, I myself couldnt see clearly the baby's nose yada yada yada. This time I simply said "Saya tak nampak laa doc". Previously I was like "Ooooooo", pretending I saw something. So, the doc scanned the tummy the other way round, which I could see the baby's hands, legs, backbone, heart etc etc. My current EDD has changed to 15/11/05, instead of 19/11/05. To Ms OuiOui, sorry, the sex couldnt be predicted yet -)

Since yesterday, I kept thinking of telling Mama about this. But I couldnt find way to start. Should I say,

"Ma, you are going to become a Wan for a second time..", or

"Ma, Amir nak jadik abang akhir tahun ni..", or

"......" till the time comes. The thing is, we are going back to JB somewhere in July, which I suppose my tummy will be refused to hide by all means. Hehehe. To tell them by then, I dont think so. That would be too damn late. Grrr.

Anyway, I'm looking forward towards this weekend. Some of old friends are organizing a reunion for the school batch! Will bring Amir as well. Hehehe. Na, I cant leave him with Jiji, havoc nanti. Still thinking of what to wear with my growing tummy.

p/s: The husband (guess I'll address him as Mr Hazel in future la..) is away again. This time he goes to Taiwan till this weekend. Macam dulu jugak, I paged JB to get someone to accompany Amir & I during the period, so Mama sent Jiji.

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