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Khamis, Jun 30, 2005

Happy Belated Birthday My Boy

Amir is already 1 year old! Yes, and that was 3 days ago. Heh! I was damn squeezed with tasks to be done, sampai tak sempat nak tulis something on my son's 1st birthday. Yikes! Anyway, I had a meeting that day. Came home around 7pm.

"Sayang I tak keluarkan lauk? I nak masak.."
"Kita makan KFC la.. Kesian Amir, hari ni birthday dia.."

Hehehe.. ye lah tu. We left home after Maghrib prayer and arrived at KFC Tol Sungei Besi around 8.10pm. Ended with- the husband ate 2 pieces, me 1 piece and Amir just makan roti + mashed potato je. KFC konon :P Anyway, the 3 of us really enjoyed the moment. Jarang bawak Amir makan kat luar. As we sitted him at the high chair, sibuk dia dok lap meja kerusi tu dengan tisu -)

Nowdays, he is so excited of able to stand up on his own without having to hold on to something. BUT, he still afraid to walk by himself. If he's both little hands in ours, laju betul dia melangkah! And yep, Lamborghini still his favorite car. I wonder where the Ford is.

Anyway, tho this is kinda belated, Happy Birthday Amir. Ibu & abah sayang Amir sangat2. Harap Amir dapat jadi hamba Allah yang baik, orang yang berguna & berjasa bila dah besar nanti. Amiin. *muahss*


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