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Selasa, Jun 21, 2005

New Crushed Toy

Last week, Amir started giving us hints. He wanted a car toy to play with. Reason being, he'll grab anything and then starts to move that thing around on the floor with the continous sound of "Aaaaaaaa..." Benda yg jadi mangsa were - CD casing, remote controls - be it the TV remote, DVD or the home theatre remote, and some of his soft toys.

So, last Saturday, the husband went to Carrefour, and bought him two cars instead of one - a Yellow Lamborghini and a Blue Ford Mustang xxxx.. Hehehe. I cant recall the last name. The husband gave him the Ford first which made him refused to play with Lamborghini. We came to a conclusion that the first thing that we gave him, means that's his. The rest, no. Wah, so the husband claimed the Yellow Lamborghini is his instead of Amir's. Sabar je la..

So, both father and son kept playing together. Kelakar pun ada. Imagine a 28 vs almost 1 year old dok lumba kereta -)) Hehehe. God, I can simply tergelak sorang2 here. Anyway, the next day, we suspected that Amir already noticed that Lamborghini is much fancier than Ford, so he started taking over that car. Selamba je dia campak Blue Ford tu like he did previously to Lamborghini. Bertuah tak?

Well, surprisingly, last night, he started to bang the Blue Ford against the wall. We asked him to stop, many times. Yes, he stopped banging at the wall, but he banged the car on the floor pulak. God, sabar je la! Kalau ye pun tak suka kat Blue Ford, jangan la buat macam tu. He managed to bang that car so hard, sampai tayar belakang dah tak boleh gerak.

Now, we are securing the Yellow Lamborghini for both of us. Meantime, the husband will find out way to repair the blue Ford. Amir.. Amir..


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