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Khamis, Julai 07, 2005

News From Clinic

First, I would like to thank all of you who left a comment/wish etc etc on my previous post. Really appreciate it! I wish Amir could read by now, so I can show him those beautiful messages on his birthday.

Ok, back to the main story for today, I went for my monthly check-up this morning. Did some scanning and turn out something bad is happening.

"You punya uri kat bawah lagi la.. Suppose dah half-way naik ke atas.."
"Kalau doc yang baru lepas grad check you, mmg dah kena refer.."

I was, huh? The doc asked me not to
1) have a long distance walk
2) travel a long journey
3) lift heavy things, and that means Amir.

"You are not supposed to carry anything heavy once you are pregnant!"

There, kena sebijik. Later, she was smiling to me and said,
"I knew your baby's sex, but I wont tell you now. You'll hafta wait till our next appointment ya.."

You see, she was wrong last time, hehehe. She was really confident that Amir was a girl. When I told her that another doc thought Amir was a girl too, then she said, "Oh, in that case, I ada geng laa.."

I was insisting tho, but got nothing. Sabar je la..

So, I left the clinic with empty mind. Havent told the husband yet. And I'm still wondering, whether its a girl or boy this time. Sheeessh!


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