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Isnin, Jun 20, 2005

Waking Up the Dying


I found out that its kinda hard for me to start blogging again, after taking few days leave previously. Was thinking to write something about the husband's birthday celebration that I planned and did altogether with our officemates on last Thursday, but it just didnt happen. Today, if I wanted to write about it pun, dah basi.. Hmm..

OKlah, it went quite well. At 3pm+, 3 officemates and I went out to Secret Recipe to buy him a cake. Thinking of not sounding to er, manja, so I only wrote "Happy 28th Birthday, ". Those girls & a guy dok bising..

"Alaa.. romantik laa sikit.. Letak laa abang ke.. sayang ke.. my dearest hubby ke.."
Yikes! Cannot laa.. I myself never address him as "abang", koma plak nanti. *Shrug*

Somewhere around 4pm+, we went to his office, altogether with the rest of officemates, tapi, masa sampai tu, he was online with a client. Cis! Nak buat surprise, tapi tak jadi.. But we could see his face went blushing -))

The rest of the story was the same la.. We sang the Happy Birthday song, he blew the candles, took some pictures, and cut the cake.

"Alaa kak, sporting laa sket.. Suap kan laaaa birthday guy tu.."
Haiyo.. I'm not that kind laa.. Segan laa.. so, sudahnya, the husband suap diri sendiri. Hehehe..

Again, Happy birthday Yang!

Note: Secret Recipe will be giving away a Batman printed mug for any purchases made above RM60 starting from June 17th while stocks last. Sayang betul since the husband's birthday fell a day before.. Heh!


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