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Selasa, Jun 07, 2005

A Reunion and A Spoon

Last Saturday, I went to my school batch reunion at Grand Plaza Park Royal. I brought Amir as well, since Mr Hazel wasnt around kan. Though not so many ppl came, but we really enjoyed ourselves, including Amir! Hehehe. I, somehow, noticed that he was a bit er, attracted to mommies with daughter, OR single young women. Sabar je la..

Reunion itself was great. The organizer managed to show a few video clips of sesi terjah, we had a group photo session which we got one each after the event ended and it was framed nicely. The lucky draw part was a blast too. Winner kena perform something before they can claim their prizes. Hahaha. So, ada la yang kena menari a-la Feminin yada yada and such. Kena menyanyi and so on.

The event ended around 6pm+. Those who came got themselves a Chevrolet keychain, a Chevrolet T-Shirt (thanks to the sponsor and friends who work there!) and a flask with captions abt the reunion. Not to forget, a CD which compiles the video clips and pictures of us masa muda-muda -)

So, I went back home, so tired. Amir fell asleep the minute we got into the car. Bayangkan he stayed awake for the whole 5 hours! Later, when I got time to unpack his bag, I found a spoon from the hotel!

I dont know who put it in there, but when I gave it to Amir, he smiled. Wah, dia yang simpan ke? And these few nights, he slept with it in his hand. Yeah, his bantal peluk still his best friend, just he adds a companion to it.

My dear boy, huh? Now, how can I return the spoon back.. Hmm..

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