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Selasa, Julai 12, 2005

The Anniversary

I was on emergency leave on last Friday and yesterday. Somehow Amir caught a fever last Thursday and campak (measles) came out all over his body, except his legs on Saturday. Kesian sangat. As we fetched him on Thursday, he seemed so weak. That night, he vomitted. Friday was a bit worse. Merangkak pun tak larat. You know, we, er, I actually, almost wanted to push his butts to help him to move forward. Hehehehe. Dont know laa whether those were the consequences of MMR injection that he took on Monday July 4th. We also thought that he missed his grandpa so much that we brought him back to PD on Saturday evening.

Anyway, yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary. We wished each other 15mins b4 midnite on July 10th sbb tak larat nak berjaga sampai ke tengah malam. I was lying in bed when the husband came to me, kissed my forehead and wished "Selamat ulangtahun kedua yang.." Nyaris menitik air mata! :P
Quite syahdu tho because we couldnt celebrate properly due to Amir's condition.

Today, I'm kinda weak. Just hoping I didnt catch the fever as well. Heh!


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