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Jumaat, Julai 22, 2005

Away From Home

I was away for a few days to Perlis early this week. Since the husband was way too busy too, so, we left Amir at Port Dickson. I was crying silently all the way to KLIA. Hehehe.. Ye la, first time tinggalkan Amir for a few days, mesti laa rindu! Plus, he knows how to amik hati kita nowdays. I kept remembering his face when he waved good bye. The husband offered to give me his handphone which contains lots of Amir's pictures, tapi kita jual mahal. Ha, padan muka!

Anyway, now I'm back. Amir is safely return to us on Wednesday night. But he didnt seem to miss me much as I do. Sabar je la.. The first person he went to was the husband, not me. *Sob* *sob* Tapi takpe la, since he is not too attach to me, might as well I wont have much problem when his sibling arrives later, right?

Actually, I dont have the momentum to resume my work since I came to the office yesterday. Rasa lengai je. Thank God tomorrow is Saturday. I'm soooo looking forward to it. Was thinking to get a break at Genting, but I dont think my condition will allow. I kinda feel a bit uneasy around my lower abdomen. Hope everything OK and I simply cant wait for the next check-up!

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