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Khamis, Julai 28, 2005

Steps : Lots of It -)

It've been quite some time I didnt write aye. Dont know lar, with current workloads, I dont know how long I can cope of stealing some time to blog. I really hope this blog wont die just like my previous. Hmm..

Anyway, as most of you already knew, Amir is one year old + -) Nowdays, he simply loves to walk. Asal berdiri je, he will utters "Aatiih... Aaatiih.." sort of short form of "Tatih". Sometimes, he will claps - amused by his own performance laa konon. But one thing, whenever we offer him to hold his hand, mula laa dia malas nak jalan. Terus mintak dukung. Adoi laa.. I was thinking of bringing him outside, walk side by side gitu. But with his current behaviour, I wonder when will that come to live.

And yes, he's having the separation anxiety more and more than before. Everytime we go to makcik's house, he will cry! Tak sampai hati nya nak tinggalkan dia..

"I rasa Amir mesti menyampah dengan ibu. Asyik tinggalkan dia kat rumah orang.. Dia tak menyampah dengan abah dia sbb abah tak hantar.."

Guess what my husband's replied?
"Lepas bersalin nanti, sayang I duduk laa rumah. Kita tak makan pasirnya.."
"Ha-ah ye.. sbb pasir tu tak boleh makan.."

Hehehe. I love like my job, tho not that much nowdays. But to resign, haiyo.. I wish I have my own business and have the luxury to take care of the children like sis Ina from Munawwarah.

P/S: Up till today, I still havent heard him calls me "Ibu". Kalau abah, dah banyak kali. *Sob* *sob*


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