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Rabu, Ogos 17, 2005

Sense of Jealousy

I've been writing my blog in my head for the past few days. But to make it happen to be published is almost impossible. Since my company (cewah, macam company kita pulak) went thru some restructuring phase early this month, I found myself choking under piles of work.

Only this morning, I managed to have a peek at my long abandoned blog. Ternampak pulak msg dari sis Lilian. The msg simply gave me an urge to curi some time to write. Guess this is one of the longest time I took to write a post. Hehehe..

Anyway, good news from the clinic. My placenta already moved up a bit. Tak la duduk kat bawah. So, I'm hoping for great pregnancy onwards. And, ekhem. this time, doc (who made a mistake last time) took a few minutes of serious consideration before telling me that she confirmed the baby in my womb would be a girl -))

"Ni, kali ni kalau I silap lagi, tell me. I will throw my scanning machine and buy a new one, OK?"

So, whats with the post title? Well, somewhere around last week, the husband and I noticed that Amir couldnt bare to watch me put my hands on my husband, i.e holding hands, caressing yada yada yada. He will simply walk towards us, and put my hand(s) away with an angry look. Wah, macam la husband kita dia sorang je yang punya. If he was busy with something else and dont wanna walk, he would stare at me until I let go my hands. There was one time where I almost got hit by a senduk nasi when I refused to let go. Sadis tak? Things dont go the same whenever the husband hugs me or etc etc. He wont mind at all.

Oh yes, he simply loves to walk now. Indoor la. Once, I brought him shoes so I could walk home with him after fetching him from makcik's house. Sampai kat bawah, nampak kucing, dia terus duduk kat atas jalan. Sabar je la.. We took almost 30mins that day to reach home which only a block away. I wish I could walk with him lots more.

p/s: The husband managed to cut his hair while he was sleeping. So, no more curly curly a-la girlish hair! Now more boyish look tau!


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