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Isnin, Oktober 24, 2005

A Short Update

It've been exactly 68days away since my last post. Not that I intend to MIA, but workloadsss didnt permit me to blog. As you can see at the bottom of this page, I'm already in my 36+ weeks. Means, I could deliver anytime by now.. I keep praying that I'll deliver after raya, else, kempunan laaaa nak makan nasik impit & kuah kacang! Hehehe..

Since I'm going to be away, (again!) for another 60days, I think I should write something then.. Whats up with my dear Amir? Yes, he, hmmm.. has started to scribble on the wall! It was on October 12th. Yeah, I put it in my diary. All this while I thought he wont do, but he proved me wrong.. Not only wall ya, including the floor also. Papers are not worth mentioning.. melambak2 dia conteng.. He's talkative too, tho we simply cant understand what he has been saying, all in Germans except for "Abahh.." and "nak!" "nak!" whenever he wants something to eat or drink.. No "ibu" yet so far.. sabar je laa kan.

Oh yes, since Deepavali & Raya are coming soon, I would like to wish my dear readers - Happy Deepavali & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Maaf Zahir Batin. I will be celebrating Raya in PD with the in-laws. Dekat sikit dengan KL. Ye la, if anything happens kan. I hope history wont repeat itself this time, i.e deliver 2 weeks earlier than EDD. Else, ada yang beraya dalam wad nanti.. *shrug*

Till then, I present you another pic of Amir. kinda latest jugak la. was taken on September 25th -)

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