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Selasa, Januari 24, 2006

Going Out

Hello readers..
Sorry laa.. I've become some sort of biskut nowdays.. You know -- sekejap ada, sekejap takde.. But most of the time -- takde. What to do ya.. Tonnes of work have to be settled..

Yesterday, hubby and I went out - sort of dating, to Mid Valley. We tend to buy a new DVD player since the old one which only lasted for 2years+ already gone kaput. Mana taknya, ada tukang pomen.. si Amir la, who else. While strolling along the way, hubby was holding my hand..

"Rasa pelik laa yang.."
"Takde laa.. dah lama tak pegang2 tangan.. all this while, asyik kena pegang anak je.."
Hehehe.. ye laa, now, hubby has to pimpin Amir while yours truly, kena gendong Arif. We were holding hands a-la newlywed gitu.. no kids, just ourselves.

So, we spent abt one hour there. Bought two slices of cakes at Meidi-Ya, 6pcs donut at Dunkin's Donuts and wandered around Speedy Videos for some time. Hubby wanted to buy Baik Punya Cilok VCD, tp tak jual lagi.. Our final destination was Best Denki. Hehehe.. dok tengok brand sana, brand sini, lastly we settled with Phillips.

"Next week kita dating lagi nak? Tengok wayang.. yada yada yada.."
Amboi, mak budak sorang ni.. :P

Anyway, as promised, now I present to you three pictures of Arif Husaini.. Enjoy!

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