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Selasa, Februari 07, 2006

What a day

I'm taking a time out. Gonna be a short post, I assumed. I'm stuck in an array. Was thinking to simplify some ppl's code, end up -- stuck.. sheesh..

Yesterday, we brought Arif to clinic for another scheduled immunization. Macam biasa laa budak tu, tho in the doc's room pun still gelak2.. senyum2.. nganga2.. Masa nak cucuk tu, kena laa lower down seluar Arif.. bising mulut assistant doc.. "Eeee.. kalau anak saya laa.. Eeeee.. geramnya.. Eeee.." Ntah berapa harkat "eeee" dia.. Surprisingly, Arif didnt cry at all.. Unlike Amir, heh! Jerit boleh dengar satu klinik. Wah, strong la anak ibu yang sorang ni.. But still, last night he still did some merengek here and there.. sakit laa kena cucuk.. Kita amik kancing gigi pun sengal kan..

Well, early in the morning, makcik called around 7.15am, "Hang keja kaa hari ni? Makcik la ni dalam keta.. jam.. tak sempat.." so, I smsed my boss, "Saya EL hari ni.."

Staying in the house with two heroes was really really hectic.. But still, I managed to cook. I left Amir in the living room together with Arif, whose lying in bed, cooing and amusing himself. Somehow, when I was about to enter the 2nd phase of cooking (ada fasa tu.. :P), tergerak hati nak tengok budak2 tu. And come to my surprise, I saw Amir was trying to get Arif up. That baby was lying on his chest! Apa lagi, menjerit laa mak budak ni.. and Amir was like "Ooppss.. " I suspected Amir was trying to hold Arif and put him on his lap but somehow terlepas, hence tertiarap. He must be imitating the way I put Arif on my lap thru his observation, kan.. Terus tak jadi proceed 2nd phase of cooking. I waited for husband to come home, to continue.

Kering tekak time tu.. habis terbang kain buruk kat depan. Nasib baik tak bawak sudip sekali. Jantung laju, tak payah cakap.. Till now, I wonder where did Amir got the strength to, you know, lift 7.6kg Arif.. Yesssss.. Arif is 7.6kg.. lenguh kalau nak dukung pegi rumah makcik.. I'm considering of getting a gendung from sis Ninuk ni -))

OK la. My codes are waiting. Till then, have an enjoyable day, no matter where you are.


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