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Jumaat, Mac 24, 2006

It's my birthday, again =)

I have a dateline to catch up, i.e this coming Monday. But I insist on writing something for today, my birthday =)

Yes, how time flies.. I'm 28 today. Blessed with a loving hubby and two kids. Alhamdulillah.. Bought a cake from King's for myself, to be shared with the rest of the officemates.. Perhaps in few minutes time.. Hehehe.. Early in the morning, there was a card wrapped in red envelope lying nicely on my desk. It was from Jay, one of my best friends thru the time. "Jay, we've been knowing for exactly 10years, huh?" Thanks friend. Later this afternoon, there were another two cards.. One from my parents and another one from my sis.. Yes, I still received cards!! My parents never failed sending me cards on my birthday.. Same goes to my sister.. Sayangnya kat korang! Yes, I do received several SMSes and emails.. Thanks again to all of you.. You know who you are ;) Its great to be remembered, kan..

I'm still waiting something from my hubby. He insisted on keeping it as a secret tho.. Last week, despite of his busy schedule, he told me he wanted a new haircut.. So, I left home with Amir & Arif.. He went back several hours later, but his hair still tak potong! Later, dia sengih2, saying he was searching for something for me at Mid Valley. Alahai.. This week, he went outstationed and just came back for good last night.. Early in the morning, when I woke him up for Subuh prayer, with his closed eyes, he wished me -- Selamat hari jadi..

OK frens.. my colleagues dah bising nak makan kek.. Till then =)

Yours sincerely,
a year older..


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