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Isnin, Mac 27, 2006


It does feel great to be back to the blogsphere. OK, let me tell you what I got from hubby ya. On the 24th night itself, while I was preparing dinner, sempat lagi ke living room to take a glance at Arif. Then, hubby came, sat in front of me.

"Sayang I nak poket kanan ke, poket kiri?"
I was like, huh?
"Aa, poket kanan la, afdal.."
Hehehe.. he showed me his right hand, aih, his Nokia but with a new casing.. sekali, tu dia, he showed me a brand new Nokia handset for me in his left. Eh, silap2 pilih pun, I still got the present anyway, so goodbye to my Motorola C300.. Haiyo, lepas ni Amir tak boleh main baling2 handset ibu lagi tau!

On Saturday, we went back to PD. Got another present from in-laws. My FIL siap tulis jawi lagi atas bungkusan. "Selamat Ulang Tahun ke 27".

"Ayah, saya dah 28 la.."
"Ye ke.. takpe la, kasik chance muda setahun.."

Anyway, till the moment hubby presented me the gift, I was kept thinking, apa la yg dia nak kasik.. because he did mention, "Kalau sayang I tak suka, tak tau la.." You know what was on my mind? A baby sling! Because I kept telling him, how semangat Arif nowdays, that I need something to carry him to Makcik's house, back & forth.

Ah, enough of mumbling. I need to resume my code. Thanks ye yang. Now, my turn to fork out some $$$ for your birthday. What should I get for you ya..

p/s: By the way, today is my FIL's birthday. I know he didnt get himself online, but, Selamat Hari Jadi ayah!


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