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Khamis, April 13, 2006

LCC and such


Wah.. bestnya. When it comes to strecthing, I somehow, envy cats. How they bend their body, stretch their hands and legs (?). Hehehe.

OK, last week, during Maulidur-Rasul, we spent a few days in JB to visit my parents, my siblings and cats. We took AirAsia flights. Delayed and to make things interesting, Arif mengamuk during departure. He screamed at the top of his lungs. I suspected that its due to his disturbed sleeping-beautiness while we were waiting for the exact time to depart. Hmm..

LCC? Oh yes, as per my experience, we only get the so-called priority of being "elderly, expectant mothers, family with kids" check-in for a few seconds only. As our plane was soooooo away to get on board, we had to walk a-la jogathon to, you know, compete with those without kids yada yada. Sampai depan pintu kapal terbang dah mencungap. Hehehe.. For those who had experience taking flights at LCC, you can imagine, walking from Gate 2, to Gate 8 (I think), outside, dengan bisingnya and such, dukung a 7.8kg Arif, while hubby dukung almost 12kg Amir.. Ha, amik..

JB airport is much more family with kids friendly though.. But as we arrived at LCC, we had to face the same situation. Walked from Gate 1 (again, I think) towards the arrival hall which is next to Gate 8 (I think). Imagine kalau hujan, macam mana? During the long walk, hubby sempat kata, "Yang, next time kita naik MAS la.." Sahih dia pun tak larat nak dukung Amir all the way. :P My younger bro siap kata, rasa macam pelarian. Bawak barang banyak2 then kena jalan dalam barisan. Haiyo, macam la pernah become as one!


OK, enuff of our LCC experience. Now, I'm gonna talk about Amir. :) Yes, nowdays, regardless of whom he speaks to, he will address that ppl as Yang.. please imagine this, he comes towards you, pats your shoulders and says,

"yang, yang, nak susu.." or rather, "yang, yang, eyak.." hehehe.. Sahih la he IS imitating hubby & me! Tang mana dia dapat how to pat ppl's shoulder tu, wallahualam. Tapi comel sangat2. Ye-la, dah anak sendiri.. Sapa lagi mau puji.. Yahahaha!

OK-lah, next time kita sambung lagi.


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