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Isnin, April 24, 2006

A Late Nite Post

What on earth am I doing in front of hubby's laptop at 11.10pm ni? Hehe.. Arif is already asleep.. Amir? Tu ha tengah dok tekan2 TV.. My dear hubby is trying to get some sleep on the sofa bed.. All four of us are in the living room ya.. Yes, our bedroom is being vacant for quite some time.. Sume pakat nak tido kat living room. I sleep with Arif in a queen size bed, er tilam.. While Amir usually gets his beautiful sleep on a 2-3 lapis toto + comforter..

Later this evening, hubby brought back the gendong that I bought from sis Ninuk. As hubby is much more practical person than yours truly, so I asked him to try it first. Then I got the idea on howto. Tapi, still terkial-kial nak pakai, hehe.. I think I've found out how to wear it or use it or anything you wanna call it.. But will ask a confirmation from sis Ninuk tmmrw.. =)

Anyway, Arif gonna reach 6mths in er, less than 14days. My milk supply is getting lower day by day. Kinda weird tho because last week, I had the privileged to stay with my kids and did my office work with them around! Arif managed to get the best milk most of the time but somehow, yeah, kuasa Allah, the supply didnt got so happening. Consulted with my another virtual sis named Elly, and she's recommending a mixture of Habbatus Sauda + honey. Sis Elly kata ramai orang berjaya tambah susu by taking it. Why not give it a try, right?

OK-lah.. its 11.20pm already. I better shut this laptop down. Amir pun takde gaya nak tido. Perhaps kalau kita buat2 tido, he will follow suit. Good nite!

P/S: While I was with my kids, I managed to see Arif rolled for the first time ever! It was on April 17th! Auww.. seronoknya jadi orang first kan.. Seronoknya kalau dapat tengok what he can do next..


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