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Selasa, Mei 16, 2006

The Afternoon Stories

Hello everyone..

I was away from KL yesterday. pegi sebelum matahari terbit, balik lepas matahari dah lama terbenam.. kinda tired.. SMSed boss - ask for a leave, tp sudahnya, here I am, terpacak kat ofis at 11am.. Hehe..

Apa nak cite ek tengah2 hari ni..

Amir & Arif macam tu la.. tapi rasa bersalah sangat2 these few days.. I was busy working - coding and etc.. Accommodate the clients' needs even on Saturday & Sunday! Kids were all over the loving hubby. Dinner was cooked by him too.. Aiyooo.. so, sudahnya I got some protest look from hubby this morning.. Ihiks.. tp dah OK la.. Ni rasa nak quit je kan.. Hmm.. Tambah2 bila masa amik Arif kat rumah babysitter semalam, it was already 8.40pm. imagine la anak ibu duduk rumah orang for more than 15hrs! Yes, we sent the kids off to rumah makcik around 5am yesterday.. Kesiannya.. kesiannya..

Yesterday, whilst I was at the client's, managed to surf And after two days, I finally got the news. Al-Fatihah untuk adik Alesha. Sedih tau. For you whom wanted to go there, please, spare a box of tissue by your side.. Being a mother myself, I cant imagine if I'd be in their shoes. Na'uzubillah.. You will be amazed on how strong her parents - mengadap situasi yang menyayat hati..

I cant write much tho. Rasa sedih ada lagi..

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