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Khamis, Mei 18, 2006

The Introducer

Nowdays, Amir loves to introduce his father to anyone. Be it whether when we were waiting for the lift, in the lift, he will stare the stranger, till the stranger look at him, and he will points his finger to hubby and says, "Abah.." with his cute smiles -) Yes, thank God he doesnt do the same with me.. Ihiks.. Malu la..

Arif is a bit unwell. Makcik kata, dia nak dapat akal lagi.. Tapi, ya Allah, manjanya... I thought Amir yg manja, kesannya si Arif is super duper quadrable Amir.. Malam tadi dok la merengek. Kita nak peluk, dia taknak.. bila tak dipeluk, tu dia, dok berguling sakan.. Dah letak "benteng", you know, susun bantal and such keliling tilam, pun tak jalan. Since hubby melayan Barcelona VS Arsenal, so he managed to help me to take care of Arif once in a while.

Hubby bagi ubat kat Arif around 6am, and he seems to get some sleep until 8am. Just hoping he will get well soonest possible. Amiin.


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