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Jumaat, Jun 09, 2006

Garpish and Amir

Oh, its been a while since I've been keeping mum. Bukan sengaja, OK..

Lets talk about Amir first -)
Quite some time ago, while we were shopping at K4, hubby bought a Garfield for Amir. Yes, a soft toy for that boy.. Hehe.. Last two days, while hubby was away, and I was soooo attached to Arif, Amir has done lots of things with Garpish. No, I didnt type it wrong, but thats the way Amir calls it.

Amir buat apa tau? First, he tends to put Garpish to sleep. He arranged two pillows, and lied Garpish down. Then he put his "Ucuk" beside Garpish. Selimutkan.. and asked Garpish to sleep. Siap tepuk2 tu.. Of course la tak tido kan. Though Garpish has two lazy eyes, but they wasnt closed enuff to satisfy Amir. Hehe.. So, he took away the blanket, and carried Garpish to Arif's bath tub.

Alahai, nak mandikan Garpish laa pulak.. siap balut dengan towel you.. Nasib baik takde sampai tahap pakaikan diapers, bedak and such.. Hehe..

OK, the story is about to end. Lepas Garpish dah mandi, Amir brought it to his buai.. And he asked me to put Garpish in.. Haiyoo.. tak dapat la makcik.. Arif ni nak letak mana.. last2 Amir pun fed up.. and Garpish ended up on sofa bed.. ish.. anak ibu sorang ni..

Arif? Ha, tengah sibuk praktis nak merangkak.. I'll post abt it later when he successfully doing that ya..

BTW, Hubby's birthday is next week.. Do you have suggestion what will beat a Nokia 3G handphone that he gave me during mine last time?

Till then -)

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