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Khamis, Julai 13, 2006

Ladies' Day Out

Hi ppl!!

First of all, I would like to thank ALL of you who left their comments during Amir's 2nd birthday. Dah save dah.. tunggu nak print & tunjuk kat Amir je bila dia besar nanti.. seronoknyaaaa!!

Oh, by the way. Semalam dah dapat permission dari hubby.. I will join another 6 bachelorettes & 1 Mrs -- total 8 of us including yours truly -- for ladies' day out this coming Saturday. Tak ke mana sangat pun, Mid Valley je. Nak layan Pirates of Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest. So far, dapat 3 bintang kat Google Movie Reviews. Excited tau since its almost 2years since last time tengok wayang!

I wont be long. Tho the tentative starts at 10am and will be finished at 6pm, I will make myself at home by 4pm. Takde curfew pun, just masa mintak permission, hubby tanya nak keluar sampai pkl berapa and I just popped out the answer -- 4! Takpe la.. dah dapat permission nak keluar pun, cukup best, kan?

So, kalau ternampak 8 girls (ekhem) berjalan ramai2 tu, it might be us!

Will take a few photos, so I can introduce my single frens to you guys out there -))


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