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Khamis, November 30, 2006

Two Red Lines

I was late. OK, 5 days late. My best friend was suppose to visit me last Friday. Tapi tak datang2.. haiyoo.. so on the 28th, we made the decision to clarify the situation. Oh yes, we got two red lines. Surprise? Yes. Happy? Yes. but I think the best word to describe is, sort of terkedu.. hehehe. Ni, kat bawah ni ala2 flashback gitu..

"Buat la test yang.."
"You serious? Are you ready?"
"Yes.. pegi la.."

So, I opened the Dip n Tell box (was bought few months early. saja buat stock. expired March 2008 pulak tu.. heee..) took out one and the cup.. dah baca sakan ni.. so pi toilet.. when the cup is ready, isk.. tetiba rasa blank.. terjah ikut mana stick ni nak diletakkan? berlari keluar..

"Dah ke yang?"
"Belum.. i lupa camne nak letak benda ni.."
"Hee.. ibu korang ni.. sabar je la.."

Bila dah baca balik, actually more to look at the pic, then I went back to the bathroom.. letak stick tu ikut direction yg betul.. keluar 1 line.. then, laju je keluar another line.. ihiks.. adoi laa hai..

"Yes yang.. please welcome your #3.."

I've made my own calculation, insya-ALLAH #3 will be born on August 3rd (full term).. kalau cepat macam abang2 dia, then most probably it will be on July 20th.. yet to be confirmed at a clinic la.. which is not now.. I even got my folic acids from Guardian yesterday.

BTW, I've checked with THIS, insya-ALLAH, we gonna get a girl.. Told this to hubby.. tp dia tak nak menaruh harapan sangat.. our previous history told us not to.. hehe..

Seems like, i have another ticker to add -) Penuh le blog ni dengan tickers.. yahahaha..

Moral : If you are not ready yet, whenever your period lari, please be extra careful. Eventhough you are on regular cycle, terawal a few days may effect.. This time, I failed to notice the mucus.. or, I was not aware of it.. or whatever.. I've experienced this while with Arif last time. Nampak gaya, pisang berbuah dua kali.. hehehe.. Oh well, panjang pulak moral kali ni.. I better sign off now -)


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