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Selasa, Disember 12, 2006

Chicken Pox

Yeah, yours truly tengah melepak kat umah.. since last Wednesday (6/12).. wasnt feeling well since 3/12 actually.. On the 5th, mmg dah tak larat, sampai rasa nak tido kat ofis. I had two pimples (which i thought they were), and lots of them on my head.. Baca-baca kat internet, konon2 macam hormonal change.. something yg preggy women with a baby girl selalu kena.. cewah..

Habis je time keje, amik Arif.. lepak2... sendi2 dah rasa sakit dah. Lepas Maghrib, hubby bawak pi klinik.. 1st, confirmkan pregnancy.. and yes, I saw another two red lines at doc office.. Hehe.. Ngadu jugak laa pasal those "pimples", doc kata, biasa laa tu.. he even teased me -- "Ntah2, perempuan tak.." Amboi.. Sempat gak mintak MC.. sbb mmg serius tak larat..

Next morning -- tadaaaaaaa.. on my wrist!!! ada bintik air!! Terus kejut hubby..

"Yang, yang.. ni chicken pox ke?"
"Let me see your chest.."
"Ha-ah yang.. chicken pox.."
WHAT? in overnight i got all these? that? those?

Freak out gile mak.. tambah2 in my condition ni kan.. Yes, I never had chicken pox before.. and I'm the last in my siblings yg kena.. Angah had hers in early quater of 2006.. That evening pi clinic lagi, menggeleng GP..

"Whats the consequences doc?"
He took a long, deep breath.. and paused..
"I thought you've read.."
"No, I wanna hear it from you.. I wanna be prepared.."
And so.. the first trimester, crucial.. fetal development.. risky.. yada yada yada yada.. Those words just floating.. mata dah bergenang..

"I will refer you to your gynae.. he will monitor you from now.."

Dapat je referral letter, terus pi Connaught.. Met my gynae.. masa tengah tunggu turn tu, sempat lagi baca articles from hubby's handset.. sob sob sob.. I'm not strong OK.. mak ni pulak mmg ratu air mata..

"Hi Yan! How are you?"

I gave him a peace sign and said -- "Well, as you can see.. I'm NOT fine.." and laugh nervously..

"I want you not to be worry OK.. Yes, the risk is there, but its not high.. its hard for me to convince you though.. "

"Every year I have 1-2 patients whom pregnant with chicken pox.."

Nampak gaya tahun ni, aku le salah sorang tu kan..

We did a little scanning.. nampak laa 17.6mm baby (fetus?) sorry, tang ni biology mak fail, ok.. so i got calamine lotion and itchiness pills..

"I'll give you one week MC.. no one can argue if you got MC this long.."
"Next appointment will be on 13/12.."

Here I am.. at home.. layan MC and chicken pox.. At a very low pace of recovery.. ye la, being old and preggy.. oh well.. Anyway, smalam dgn tak sabarnya, dah tarik satu kat muka ni.. geram!!

"Long, kau tarik long? Bekas laa nanti.. dah laa kat muka.."
Ahh.. nasib laa tu..

Moral : Kalau tak pernah kena chicken pox lagi, go get your jab.. 2 shots, selang 6 minggu.. and mind you -- if you are married, you CANT get pregnant at least 4 months after the jab. Its cruel, especially to adults like us.


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