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Isnin, Disember 17, 2007

Birth Date

Nampak gaya, quiz yg distartkan oleh Ms Lola, dah merebak-rebak.. sampai terjangkit-jangkit.. ala2 epidemik gitu.. Madam Za, i'm sure you are pretty familiar with those jargons.. hang punya Biologi kan power :)

Anyways, quiz (bukan quiz sebenarnya) kat bawah ni, aku terjangkit dari sis Ana.. and yes, my other half was born in June -)

Your Birthdate: March 24

You understand people well and are a natural born therapist.
A peacemaker, people always seem to get along when you are around.
You tend to be a father or mother figure to friends, even to those older than you.
You enjoy your role, and you find that you are close to many people.

Your strength: Your devotion

Your weakness: Reliance on others for happiness

Your power color: Lilac

Your power symbol: Heart

Your power month: June


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