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Khamis, Mei 28, 2009

Inbox Preview in Gmail

Have you tried Inbox Preview in Gmail Labs?

I did.

Inbox preview
by Peter B

Show a simple, static preview of the inbox while loading.

Itulah description yg ada pada Settings >> Labs dalam laman akaun Gmail anda..

Inbox Preview ni bagi kita glance utk tengok 10 recent messages. So, kot dalam pada 10 tu ada yg penting, it worth the wait la.. kalau tak, logout je terus kannn.. tak payah susah2 nak Load Basic HTML saja ka.. apa ka.. 

Bagi saya, feature ini sangat bagus la utk kita yg nak check email kat umah yg connectionnya kejap2 UMTS.. kadang2 EDGE.. kah kah kah.. tapi kalau connection laju macam kilat, agak tak sempat nak menengok preview itu..

Taken from here.

New in Labs: Inbox preview
Thursday, May 21, 2009 4:37 PM
Posted by Peter Balsiger, Software Engineer

Whenever I open up my inbox at work, I'm never surprised to find several new messages waiting to be read. The same thing can't always be said about my personal Gmail account. Sometimes I end up checking my mail only to find nothing new there.

No big deal, really. But now imagine that you access Gmail on a super slow connection from a remote place in Ethopia where it might take minutes to completely load your inbox. The disappointment is larger when you find out that there is nothing new to read and you could have saved all that time.

To ease this pain a bit, we created a new feature in Gmail Labs called Inbox Preview. While Gmail is loading, a simple, static preview of your inbox with your ten most recent messages is displayed. Turn it on from the Labs tab under Settings, and if you're on a slow connection you'll know from the start if it's worth the wait.

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