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Isnin, Julai 13, 2009

Visa Debit Spend & Win

Berita baik kepada pemegang-pemegang kad Visa Debit :)

La ni sampai 13/9/2009, ada promotion Visa Debit Spend & Win.. Hadiah tak agak2 you all.. Perodua Myvi 1.3 SE!

kasik tempek sket gambar..

Taken from here..
Just spend a minimum of RM20 with your Visa Debit card on everyday purchases like groceries, meals, petrol or movie tickets wherever Visa is accepted and you may drive home one of the three Perodua Myvi 1.3 SE!
You can use any of the following Visa Debit cards to qualify:
  • Al Rajhi Debit ATM Card-I
  • BSN Matrix Visa Electron Card
  • BSN Matrix-i Visa Electron Card
  • Citibank Visa Debit & ATM Card
  • Citigold Visa Debit & ATM Card
  • Maybankard Visa Debit Card <--- saya ada yg ni je.. kad cantek tu :P
  • Tesco-RHB Debit Card
  • PB Day2Day Visa Debit Card
  • PB Visa Electron Debit Card

Entry Details
  • To enter send an SMS to 32123 in following format:
    V<space>Name<space>6-digit approval code<space> Amount spent
    For example: V Jane Tan 123456 123.50
  • A reply confirming your participation will be sent.
Three Perodua Myvis must be won, one for each of the three month-long qualifying periods:
Period 1: 15 June -14 July 2009
Period 2: 15 July -14 August 2009
Period 3: 15 August -13 September 2009

If you are one of the lucky winners, you will receive a call from us on 17 July, 17 August or 17 September. All you will need to do is to furnish the original charge slip for verification, provide some information about yourself and answer a simple question.

Fuh! Silalah call saya pada 17 Julai ini.. Fuh!!

Apa lagi korang? Silalah.. heee..

3 ulasan:

::Umi Sufira:: berkata...

Saya ada Visa debit RHB..hihihi..buleh join ni walaupon tak tentu menang:P

CY3.5 berkata...

takpe.. at least try.. kot sangkut :P

Ms Lola berkata...

Saya.. errr... saya takde VISA!