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Isnin, Disember 31, 2012

Top 10 Recommended Websites for Kids

Taken from a friend's blog, Mynie. Aku C&P sebijik sebijun untuk rujukan.

This delightful website is perfect for kids who are learning to read, or getting ready to read. With simple and fun books, games and activities that inspire imagination.

A wonderful site from the National Gallery of Arts that has many unique ways for kids to dive into art appreciation through interactive games and activities.

This site is perfect for kids who are learning to read or who are expanding their reading skills.

StoryNory has been publishing a free audio book on its website for more than seven years, creating one of the largest and most diverse story collections found anywhere.

This website from the US government acts as a portal to other government run sites for kids--showcasing an endless array of great educational activities, coloring pages, posters, videos and project ideas.

Here kids enter a magical world that will teach them about the importance of the natural environment.

NASA has put together some stellar resources and interactive demonstrations for kids and their families.

Is also available in Arabic. A must visit for muslim kids.

This site allows you to enter your child's spelling words to help them enjoy their spelling homework and achieve a perfect score in spelling tests.

A simple game aimed at helping students become quicker at solving mental algorithms.

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