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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Payment from Google Adsense

Hahaha. 10 tahun aku tunggu hoi. Kahkahkah.

Akhirnya penutup bulan Mac lepas, account Adsense aku cecah threshold. Sejak hari tu, hari-hari aku tengok Payment summary page Adsense. Tunggulah bilanya diorang nak issue payment. Semedang tengah hadap WA group tadi, tetiba dapat notification ada email. Tajuknya "You've been issued a payment from Google AdSense". Oh, akhirnya.

Isi kandungannya?

Please note that we've recently issued a payment to you for your Google AdSense earnings on Apr 21, 2014. Your payment has been sent and should be arriving shortly. For more information, please log into your account and visit your Payment summary page. You may also be able to find a reference number there to track or pick up your payment.

The Google Billing Team

Cepat-cepat aku pi tengok Payment Summary page. Current status adalah

Automatic payment in progress

Bersabarlah menunggu MTCN.

Update on 1623hrs: MTCN dah ada :))

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